Shuckin’ Trucks™ main attraction, The Salt Pond Oyster, is farm raised and sustainably grown in Point Judith Pond, Rhode Island.

The Shuckin’ truck is located in Rhode Island but will be traveling throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut depending on the event. Check out our Calendar to see where we will be Shuckin next!

We bring you the freshest, locally sourced seafood. Our mobile menu is brought to you directly from the fishing piers of Point Judith, Rhode Island. We source all of our our seafood locally, from The Roebuck’s Family fleet of fishing vessels and from a few of our local fishermen friends from the Point Judith, Rhode Island area.

Depending on the time of year, the boat’s catch sea scallops, lobsters, ground-fish, finned-fish, squid, and other seasonal selections.

Shuckin Trucks™ offer farm raised Salt Pond Oysters sustainably grown in Point Judith Pond, and are harvested year round.